About Spanish

The Spanish section of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a wide range of courses in the language and literatures of Spain and Latin America.

Students can enroll in courses from Spanish Elements through Curso de Perfeccionamiento, with many in between. The section offers technical courses such as Spanish for International Commerce, Medical Spanish, Spanish for International Relations, Spanish for Engineering and Spanish for Public Health, as well as Spanish Translation for the Professions. The department also supports internship opportunities, giving students credit for work done outside of the university through the Community Based Learning – Spanish Language Practicum course.

As students progress in the program, they can choose from several courses in Spanish and Latin American culture. Courses on Spanish drama or cinema are offered, as well as courses on different regions and cultures of Latin America. The section’s literature classes encompass pre-colonial and colonial through contemporary Latin American literature. Students can also take courses on Renaissance, Baroque, and modern peninsular literature.

Students are encouraged to study abroad. Undergraduate students must obtain approval for their program abroad prior to departing Baltimore. Graduate students should work closely with their adviser to determine the best plan for their research abroad.