Fall 2016 Courses

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For Fall 2016, the MSH major will again offer Death and Dying: An Introduction to Medical Humanities (AS 145.101). The course will be team taught by Visiting Professor Evelyne Ender (GRLL), Assistant Professor Joshua Smith (Classics), and Professor Bernadette Wegenstein (GRLL). During pre-registration, the course is open only to upper-class majors and incoming freshmen.

The MSH major has also cross-listed the following courses for Fall 2016:

  • History of Medicine (AS 140.105)
  • Scientific Revolution (AS 140.321)
  • Philosophy and Science (AS 150.136)
  • Introduction to Bioethics (150.219)
  • Philosophy and Cognitive Science (AS 150.476)
  • Medical Spanish (AS 210.313)
  • Magic, Marvel, and Monstrosity in the Renaissance (AS 214.477)
  • Writing About Science (AS 220.206)
  • Introduction to Non-Fiction: Science as a Social Activity (AS 220.210)
  • Writing Healthy Baltimore (AS 220.309)
  • Introduction to Intellectual History (AS 300.139)
  • Introduction to Comparative Literature (AS 300.143)
  • American Madness: History of the Treatment of the Mentally Ill (AS 300.325).