Medicine, Science and Humanities Spring 2017 Course Information

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The Medicine, Science and Humanities major is offering one course in Spring, 2017. Dr. William Egginton will be teaching AS 145.102 “The Cosmic Imagination: How Literature Changes our Understanding of the Universe”

In addition, the following courses are cross-listed with Medicine, Science, and Humanities:

  • AS 010.420 Leonardo da Vinci: Between Art and Science
  • AS 040.238 Magic and Miracles from Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • AS 140.302 Rise of Modern Science
  • AS 140.476 Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  • AS 210.313 Medical Spanish
  • AS 220.317 Writing about Science
  • AS.220.424 Science as Narrative
  • AS 230.341 Sociology of Health and Illness

Feel free to contact Dr. Wiener if you have questions.