Fall 2017 MSH Courses

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For Fall 2017, the Medicine, Science and Humanities major is sponsoring two Introductory Courses. Professor Walter Stephens is offering AS.145.103 Men, Women, and Melancholy: Premodern Physiologies of Madness, and Professors Bernadette Wegenstein and Jeremy Greene are offering AS.145.104 Science, Medicine, and Media.

In addition the following courses are cross listed with the MSH major: AS.130.259 Ancient Science, AS.140.105 History of Medicine, AS.140.321 Scientific Revolution, AS.150.219 Introduction to Bioethics, AS.150.245 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind, AS.210.313 Medical Spanish, AS.220.206 Writing about Science I: Daily News Journalism, AS.220.210 Introduction to Non-Fiction: Science as a Social Activity, AS.220.309 Writing Health Baltimore, AS.230.341 Sociology of Health and Illness, and AS.300.139 Introduction to Intellectual History.

Descriptions of all courses can be found under the ‘Courses’ tab of the Major’s website.