MSH Spring 2018 Classes

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The Medicine Science and Humanities major is sponsoring 3 fantastic classes for Spring 2018.

AS.145.201: Clues: Unreasoning the Medical Mystery will be taught by Dr. Alicia Pulionesi. It will analyse how ‘medical mystery’ narratives or detective fiction impacts our thinking about problems and solutions in medicine. Readings will include authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Pauline Hopkins. Currently, this class is waitlist only.

AS.145.301: Naturalizing the Human Body in Early Modern France will be taught by Professor Wilda Anderson. It will examine 17th and 18th century literature that was influential in naturalising the human body. Texts will include writings from Newton, de Bergerac, Voltaire, and Roussseau. The course and texts will be in English. This course currently has openings.

AS.145.401: In Search of the Human: Ways of Remembering will be taught by Professor Evelyne Ender and Dr. Lawrence Wissow (School of Medicine, Psychiatry). It will study narrative as a way of understanding the complex emotions associated with illness, methods that are an important component of clinical training. The course readings will illustrate how authors of fiction and scientists have grappled with the task of remembering and studied the configurations of autobiographical recollection. This course currently has openings.

In addition, the major has cross listed courses in Medical Terminology (AS.040.152), Expository Writing (AS.060.114), Health Healing and Medicine in Africa (AS.100.205), Rise of Modern Science (AS.140.302), Godzilla and Fukushima (AS.140.396), Philosophy and Cognitive Science (AS.150.476), Writing about Science (AS.220.317), Science as Narrative (AS.220.424), and Sociology of Health and Illness (AS.230.341).

Please contact Dr. Wiener for any questions.