MSH Fall 2018 Classes

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The Medicine Science and Humanities major is bringing back the widely requested Death and Dying class for Fall 2018. We are also offering an independent research course for those who are interested in doing independent research in the Medicine, Science and the Humanities area.

AS.145.101 Death and Dying in Art, Literature, and Philosophy: Introduction to Medical Humanities will be co- taught by Professors Evelyne Ender, Mitchell Merback and Walter Stephens. This team-taught course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the university’s new concentration in “Medicine, Science, and Humanities.” The themes of death, dying, and the treatment of the dead are explored in their changing historical, anthropological, philosophical, literary, art historical and medical dimensions. Open to freshmen, sophomores, and upper-class Medicine, Science, and Humanities majors.

145.510 (HS) Medicine, Science & the Humanities Independent Research will be led by Charles Wiener. This course is for students in the Medicine, Science & the Humanities doing independent research.

In addition, the major has cross listed courses in The Greeks and Their Emotions (AS.040.241), Time Travel (AS.060.108), History of Medicine (AS.140.105), History of Public Health in East Asia (AS.140.146), Public Health in East Asia Through Films and Documentaries (AS.140.176), Psychopolitics: Science, Mind, and Society (AS.140.313), Experimental Bodies: Histories of Human Subjects Research in the 19th and 20th Centuries (AS.140.314), Scientific Revolution (AS.140.321), Senior Research Seminar (AS.140.411), Philosophy & Science: An Introduction to Both (AS.150.136), Intro to Bioethics (AS.150.219), The Value of Humanity (AS.150.454), Justice and Health (AS.150.474), Philosophy and Cognitive Science (AS.150.476), Medical Spanish (AS.210.313), Writing About Science I: Daily News Journalism (AS.220.206), Introduction to Non-Fiction: Science as a Social Activity (AS.220.210), Sociology of Health and Illness (AS.230.341), and Introduction to the Museum: Past and Present (AS.389.201).

Please contact Dr. Wiener for any questions.