April 12: Disaster and Response with Terry Drayman-Weisser

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Intentional destruction of irreplaceable ancient sites and artifacts in Syria and Iraq have captured the world’s attention. What part can American conservators and organizations play in preserving heritage before it is lost?

“Disaster and Response: The Conservator’s Role in Saving Global Heritage”

Terry Drayman-Weisser
Director of Conservation & Technical Research, Retired with Distinction,
The Walters Art Museum

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Arellano Theater (Levering Hall)

Reception to follow in the Gilman Hall Atrium
with a viewing of Death of History, a Smithsonian exhibit, co-curated by Grace Golden, ’16.

[Sponsored by the Program in Museums and Society with support from the JHU Archaeological Museum and the Department of Near Eastern Studies]