What is Happening? Presents Climate Change in Baltimore

Date: Thurs. December 8th from 10am-2pm
Location: outdoors in front of Mudd Hall

What is Happening? partners with local artists and Hopkins student groups to stage interactive arts events, or Happenings, on campus based on issues significant to Baltimore. This Happening was created in collaboration with Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Yurie Murayama, student artist from MICA.

Artist’s Statement:
“Climate Change: Baltimore and the Environment focuses on Baltimore’s relationship with environmental safety and will feature aluminum pinwheels shaped as sunflowers. Each sunflower is built almost entirely of recycled aluminum cans, most or all collected on one Friday by the Johns Hopkins Recycling Center, representing the buildup of trash. The pinwheels represent the consumption of …energy: where does it come from? Is it renewable? Finally, the sunflower shape is a reminder of Baltimore’s past. Glen Ross, the creator of the Baltimore Toxic Tours, explains:’They planted this area with African ferns and sunflowers to remediate it. Of course we didn’t know it back then, but the African ferns absorbed the arsenic in the ground, and the sunflowers were there to absorb the lead. We used to pick those sunflowers and take them home and eat them. There was no warning, no sign. Nothing. Then a couple years later the city sent in all these guys in hazmat suits to harvest the stuff.’Please, remember the earth.”

What is Happening? is sponsored by an Andrew W. Mellon Arts Innovation Grant and is produced by M&S minors Helena Arose and Sarah Braver.

Learn more about What is Happening? on their Facebook page.