November 28: One Tradition, Two Stories

Please join us for public lecture, “One Tradition, Two Stories: An Art Historical/Anthropological Dilemma,” with Sally Price, Professor Emerita, from the College of William & Mary.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
6:30pm, 210 Hodson Hall
Homewood Campus

Over the past several decades​, as peoples once dubbed “primitive” have been moving into the status of “ex-primitives,” they are taking more assertive roles in defining the meaning and historical origins of their arts. This lecture focuses on new claims by Maroon men in French Guiana ​about the Maroon tradition of woodcarving and painting. It​ explores the economic dimension of the shift, poses questions about the ethical consequences for research and writing on this art, and points to new dilemmas for its museological presentation.

Reception to follow lecture

Lecture sponsored by the Program in Museums and Society and the Departments of Anthropology and the History of Science & Technology