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A Sense of Place: Homewood Campus

Location: Homewood Campus
Dates: 2014–2015 Academic Year



During the spring of 2014, undergraduate students enrolled in a course taught by museum education consultant Beth Maloney explored the history of the property that became Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus and the stories of the people who lived and worked here in the past. Under the guidance of faculty, as well as staff from the University Archives and the Homewood Museum, students researched 10 sites on campus, wrote interpretive texts, identified and selected primary source materials, and tested their interpretations onsite with staff, faculty, students, and visitors. They then partnered with students in a graphic design course at the Maryland Institute College of Art to develop a template for sharing this content as signage located throughout the Homewood campus.

This project is made possible through a grant to the Program in Museums and Society by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The outdoor signage will be on view, for one year, throughout the Homewood campus beginning Fall 2014.