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Zelda Fitzgerald: Choreography in Color

Location: Evergreen Museum and Library
Dates: October 19, 2011–January 29, 2012



Awarded the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship in her freshman year, M&S minor Laura Somenzi ’13 took the lead in curating the exhibit Zelda Fitzgerald: Choreography in Color with the steadfast support and mentorship of James Archer Abbott, director and curator of Evergreen Museum, and Elizabeth Rodini, director of the Program in Museums and Society. Through two years of sustained research and study of Zelda Fitzgerald’s art, literary writings, and diaries, Somenzi peered through Fitzgerald’s image as the definitive flapper and revealed her both as an artist longing for recognition and a representative of a broader pervasive struggle for social equality. Somenzi worked through every aspect of the curatorial process from research and conceptualization to loan requests and photo permissions, to crafting the final presentation and writing the text for the exhibit and its accompanying catalog.