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Reading the Peabody

Location: Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Dates: November 1, 2010–January 21, 2011



Fairy tales, religious texts, wilderness adventures, and ancient Roman histories line the shelves of the illustrious George Peabody Library, but what do they have in common? The exhibition Reading the Peabody: Student Discoveries in Baltimore’s First Public Library explored how 19th-century readers might have used the rich holdings of the library’s collection. Curated by Gabrielle Dean and her students from the Spring 2010 course Reading Culture in the 19th-Century Library, the exhibition was devoted to these four facets of the library’s holdings. 

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View the Reading the Peabody Brochure 

An article about the project, entitled “Teaching by the Book: The Culture of Reading in the George Peabody Library,” is in Past Is Portal: Teaching Undergraduates Using Special Collections and Archives (Baltimore, 2012).