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The Material Culture of Academic Life

Location: JHU Collections / Online
Dates: Fall 2014



Students in Jennifer Kingsley’s course Curating Material Culture for the Digital Age considered significant concepts raised by new and emerging technologies for the research and interpretation of material culture in museums. Students worked hands on with university collections. They researched diverse artifacts from across the Hopkins universe and developed interpretations that they tested with diverse audiences. Their findings appear as part of the interactive exhibit collectionsweb.

From faculty brewing moonshine to the role of artifacts in intellectual inquiry in America, the site presents the stories of the things made, used, and collected at the university since its founding in 1876. Kingsley worked with students and staff at the Center for Education Resources (CER) at the Johns Hopkins University to create a customized approach to material culture study based in the Omeka platform. Development was made possible through the generous support of a Humanities and Social Sciences Grant from the CER.

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