The Alumni Group was created to allow alumni to stay connected to the programs, Johns Hopkins and one another. We currently have a LinkedIn page where we have connected with hundreds of current students and alumni – Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology LinkedIn.

On the Alumni Map page, you can see who is in the Alumni Group and then contact members by going onto our LinkedIn page. (LinkedIn is the only way our alumni have access to contact information.)

Once you are a member of the Alumni Group we can:

  • Send you updates on the programs
  • Hear about – and share – your successes
  • Keep you connected to our alumni network
  • Facilitate you mentoring others – or help you get a mentor yourself (you are never too old to need help)

If you have not become part of our Alumni Group, please contact our program administrator, Linda M. White, and she will start you on our Alumni Neuron Project. You will be sent an Alumni Neuron and a link to a survey. Send back the survey to let us know what you have been up to and then take a picture of you and the Alumni Neuron in your workplace, with your family, or whatever you choose. (Be creative!)