Preston Ge, Class of 2017:

Daniel Agis, Class of 2018: Picturing the Size and Site of Stroke With an Expanded National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale

Marysol Encarnacion, Class of 2016: A Single Bout of Moderate Aerobic Exercise Improves Motor Skill Acquisition

Andy S. Huang, Class of 2016: MATPLM1, a MATLAB script for scoring of periodic limb movements: preliminary validation with visual scoring

Janice Bonsu, Class of 2015: The Subventricular Zone is Able to Respond to a Demyelinating Lesion After Localized Radiation

Yue Cao, Class of 2015: AMPK Activation Regulates Neuronal Structure in Developing Hippocampal Neurons

Tai Hairston, Class of 2015: Cortical neurons are a prominent source of the proinflammatory cytokine osteopontin in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

Austin Jordan, Class of 2015: Computing Network-based Features from Intracranial EEG Time Series Data: Application to Seizure Focus Localization

Trisha Lala, Class of 2015: Aphasiology

Hee Kyung Baek, Class of 2014: Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity

Daniel Borota, Class of 2014: Post-Study Caffeine Administration Enhances Memory Consolidation in Human

Aadi Kalloo, Class of 2014: The Impact of Restless Leg Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom Disorder on Quality of Life

Chung-ha Davis, Class of 2012:

Julia Howard, Class of 2012: The cytokine hypothesis: A neurodevelopmental explanation for the emergence of schizophrenia later in life

Dr. Sarah A. Raskin, Class of 1984: