Student Testimonials

Here are some words of wisdom from fellow JHU alumni:

Tips to succeed…

  • Practicing self-care is the most important aspect of your undergraduate career. You will not be successful if you don’t prioritize your well-being.
  • Go to office hours and develop relationships with your professors.
  • Use resources, give your self more time to do things, create a schedule and stick to it.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help.
  • Planning is everything!
  • Use all of the resources that Hopkins has to offer. The guidance that these offices give is invaluable and will allow you to plan for your future so you will be able to carry out your life ambitions, regardless of what they might be.
  • Don’t stress about what other students are doing. Be yourself and do things at your own pace!

      When choosing courses…

      • Take upper level neuroscience courses that interest you, not just ones that you think will look good on your transcript!
      • Choose courses/studies that you are interested in and enjoy, but be able to distribute your harder and easier courses among your 4 years from the outset.
      • Branch out! The Neuroscience degree is flexible enough to allow you explore your interests outside of the discipline.
      • Follow your passions and don’t be afraid to do something a little out of the ordinary.

          Life after Hopkins…

          • It’s better to take time after graduation to decide what is the best career path for you rather than forge down a certain path still having doubts in your mind.
          • Medical school isn’t the only option.
          • It’s okay to change career paths/ pursue a career that doesn’t involve medical school.