Available Facilities

The home of the William H. Miller III Department of Physics & Astronomy, the Bloomberg Center, offers many facilities available to students, members of the Johns Hopkins community, outside companies and institutions, and the general public.

The Krieger & Engineer School Calendar (KrESCal) tool enables department members to reserve resources in and around the Bloomberg Center including conference rooms, common areas, guest parking, and equipment.

Bloomberg Center Management

Building management contacts, information about obtaining keys and building FAQs can be found here.

Classroom Information

A full list of classroom information along with reserving a classroom in Bloomberg Center is found on PHA Intranet website.

Johns Hopkins Instrument Development Group (IDG)

The IDG is an engineering services group within the Johns Hopkins University Department of Physics and Astronomy. The group specializes in developing instruments for scientific research, in particular instruments for physics research. We serve the Johns Hopkins community, its affiliates, and research partners. The group offers many engineering services with core competence in the following areas: analysis, electronics design, mechanical engineering and design, optomechanics, optical system design, and software development.

Maryland Space Grant Observatory

The Morris W. Offit Telescope is the major observing instrument in Maryland Space Grant Observatory, and is located under the Stanley D. and Joan F. Greenblatt Dome, on the roof of the Bloomberg Center. The telescope has, as its major optical element, a 20″-diameter parabolic mirror.

Physical Sciences Machine Shop

The Physical Sciences Machine Shop, operated jointly by the Physics & Astronomy Department and the Chemistry Department, is a state-of-the-art facility offering a broad range of custom machining services. Shop personnel have a combined 40 years of experience and a wide array of expertise to handle the most complicated machining jobs.

Physics Lecture Demonstrations

The physics lecture demonstration listing broadly follows the PIRA demonstration classification scheme order. For each topic, there follows a list of one or more demonstrations. These are listed by number and name, and are followed by a short description of the demonstration.

Physics Undergraduate Computer (PUC) Lab

The PUC Lab in Room 478 Bloomberg Center, Upper Level, is a computer lab reserved for the exclusive use of undergraduate physics students at Johns Hopkins University. The computers run computational and instructional software used for physics courses offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Research Instrumentation

The William H. Miller III Department of Physics and Astronomy houses research instrumentation that can be utilized by appointment or through association. View a list of potentially available instruments and who to contact to gather more information about each instrument.

Schafler Auditorium

Located on the main-entrance level (second floor) of the Bloomberg Center, the Norman I. Schafler Auditorium features 320 cushioned seats, each with its own writing surface. The rows of seats are tiered and angled to provide more comfortable viewing. The audio-visual system features state-of-the-art presentation equipment, integrated so that the presenter/instructor has full control of the system from the multimedia lectern.

Bloomberg Center Floor Plans

Floor plans for each floor of Bloomberg Center for Physics & Astronomy are available for those who enter their JHED ID.