Bloomberg Center Management

The Krieger & Engineer School Calendar (KrESCal) tool enables department members to reserve resources in and around the Bloomberg Center including conference rooms, common areas, guest parking, and equipment.

Building Management Contacts

Brian Schriver
Facilities Services Coordinator
Bloomberg 366
Phone: 410-516-7371

Norma Berry
Department Administrative Manager
Bloomberg 366
Phone: 410-516-7815
Fax: 410-516-7239

Obtaining Building Keys

All keys are issued from the main administrative office, 366 Bloomberg. See Brian Schriver.
In most cases, at least two keys are required; building entrance plus office and/or lab. Department policy requires a cash deposit of $10 per key. This shall be refunded upon the return of keys.

Download Key Control Form

Building FAQs

Q: There’s a problem with my office or lab (too cold, too hot, sticky lock, strange noise, strange smell, I need a vacuum, I saw a mouse, broken window shade, water dripping, I tripped a circuit breaker, etc.)
A: Contact Brian Schriver. What he can’t fix himself will be forwarded to Plant Operations Services.

Q: What if Brian is out of reach and I need help now?
A: Several options:
1) Any member of the administrative/management staff in 366 is able and willing to assist
2) Call the good folks at Plant Operations Services (410-516-8063). During regular hours, their staff is ready to assist with any facility questions or problems, or at least will direct your call to someone who can
3) Call Security at 410-516-4600 (dispatch desk) or 410-516-7777 (emergency).

Q: I need utility services added or changed in my lab, such as electric, plumbing, HVAC, or a partition wall installed or removed, etc. How do I proceed?
A: Contact Brian Schriver. Typically, the first thing needed is a budget number and a brief description of the work to be done. Then, I submit a “Request of Service” form or “Project Order” form to the Office of Facilities Management, where a work order is generated for the appropriate Homewood shop(s). NOTE: This applies for estimates as well. If it’s determined that the job is too large to fit the shop’s schedule or above the ability of a shop, an external contractor may be used.

Q: How long would it take to complete the work?
A: It depends on the scope of the project and the schedule of the shops. For example, something basic like adding a power outlet or extending the general exhaust line could be a one-week process. However a larger job requiring unique or large amounts of ordered materials, or requiring a non-JHU contractor, could be more like a one- to three-month process, or even longer.

Q: How do I get my lab floor cleaned and waxed?
A: Again, contact Brian Schriver. I’ll notify Custodial Services and they will schedule time to do the work. Typically this would take place during late afternoon or evening hours. NOTE: It’s the responsibility of lab personnel to prepare the space prior to custodial work. 1) The lab must be in a safe working condition to prevent personal injury to the custodial staff, plus to prevent accidental damage to lab equipment! 2) The lab floor must be clear of all obstructions, such as cables, supplies and materials, and any moveable items.

Q: I have flickering or dead lights in my office or lab.
A: Once again, start with Brian. I will submit a maintenance request to the electric shop. Allow at least a week for a response.

Q: My visitor (or new employee) needs keys, furniture, a phone, computer networking, and parking privileges.
A: All Bloomberg keys are distributed from the main administrative office, 366. Please give Brian as much notice as possible prior to arrival so that keys may be ordered and available when needed. The same goes for office furniture; advanced notice is helpful when additional pieces are required. For most other items, please contact the administrative assistant associated with your group.

Q: My phone is not working correctly.
A: Option 1: Contact your group administrative assistant with phone extension number, room number, and description of trouble (no dial tone, random disconnect, noisy line, etc.). Option 2: Contact Brian with this same info. Option 3: Contact Telecommunications Services. They typically respond to trouble calls quickly.

Q: How do I reserve a conference room or classroom?
A: Click here for details.

Q: How do I obtain a projector for my class, seminar, or meeting?
A: If holding a class in one of the standard first- or second-floor classrooms the Registrar controls, audio-visual equipment exists in these rooms. If you experience problems with the equipment, please notify AV Support Services (410-516-8303 or For the rooms this department controls (139, 235, 259, 337, 361, 447, 462, 475, 511), Brian controls three data/laptop projectors from 366-K. NOTE: It’s important to reserve one of these projectors to avoid overbooking. In the case of a last-minute grab, please complete the signout sheet on Brian’s door.