Lab Safety

Important Phone Numbers

  • Security: 410-516-7777 (67777)
  • Homewood Safety Office: 410-516-8798 (68798)
  • Radiation Safety: 410-516-7278 (67278)
  • Brian: 410-516-7371 (67371) or 410-446-7024 (cell)
  • Plant Operations: 410-516-8063 (68063)

Common Lab and Shop Safety Violations

  • Eating or drinking in the lab
  • Improper clothing worn in the lab (no sandals/flip-flops; no shorts/skirts above the knee when seated; lab coats recommended)
  • Gas cylinders not properly secured or capped
  • Electrical connections on floor surface (all power cords/strips, etc., must be elevated in case of fluid spill or leak)
  • Unmarked or improperly labeled chemical containers (in plain English, no symbols or abbreviations)
  • Missing or outdated chemical inventory list on lab entrance door
  • Sharps unsecured; incorrect sharps containers; containers without metal base
  • Excessive combustible materials stored in the lab
  • Cluttered work environment; general housekeeping
  • Tripping hazards (extension cords, misc. obstructions, etc.)
  • Incompatible/improper chemical storage; improper chemical handling
  • Flammable chemicals >10 gal. total or >1 gal. containers stored outside proper cabinet
  • Eyewash sprayer obstructed
  • Hand soap and towels missing
  • Face shield and gloves missing from area of liquid nitrogen dewar
  • Missing chemical splash eye goggles/gloves
  • Bio cabinet/clean air bench/fume hood not currently certified
  • Fire extinguisher/electrical panel blocked (no obstructions within 3 feet)

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