Recommended Hardware

JHU, Department, and Grant purchased Computers

Physics and Astronomy IT recommends the following computers:

Dell Optiplex and Precision Desktop computers
Dell Latitude and certain XPS Laptops
Microsoft Surface

All Apple computers

Why these Dell computers?
-Our Standard Windows Image/Install is designed for these. 
-Higher quality parts and case. 
-Designed to allow repairs to be quick and easy. Modular. 
-Supports BitLocker encryption via included TPA chip. 
-When used with our Windows Image, allows easy encryption and an audit trail to prove that they were encrypted in the case of loss or theft.
-When purchased through HopkinsOne they come with a 3 year warranty, and include savings that JHU has worked out in their contract with Dell/FutureTech. 

-Our Windows Management System (System Center Endpoint Protection) works with these computers. This allows us to track and see information about all of the computers we support. It also helps the Dean’s office understand how many computers are being supported by IT.

Dell Inspiron is the consumer level product line. They are made to be as cheap as possible. Often they do not include the hardware and Windows version needed to be encrypted. Please do not buy these.

Ordering Information

It is recommended that all Dell and Apple orders are done via a HopkinsOne shopping cart, not with a P-Card.

Apple computers can be ordered via the JHU Tech store or HopkinsOne. For standard Apple configurations, it’s possible the tech store would have the item in stock and it can be picked up same day with a budget number.

If you do not have access to HopkinsOne and want to look at the Dell catalog that has been created for KSAS, please use our custom Future Tech page at  Scroll down to the bottom for our custom KSAS page. These models are pre-configured to what most of our faculty, staff, and labs use. Note that KSAS standards include three models of Precision workstations as well as XPS 13 notebooks, in addition to OptiPlexes and Latitudes.  If you do not see a configuration listed that works for your customer, please then look on the Hopkins wide standard page of the Future Tech site ( under the top listing “Click for access to the Johns Hopkins Premier Page for non-SAP users.”

If the above choices do not meet your customer’s needs, you can build a custom quote from one of the above pages (KSAS or non-SAP) by going to Shop and choosing from “Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Workstations” or “Desktops & Workstations” – once you have your model selected, be sure to choose the “Build your own” options to have all options available. To see if you can get a better price, you can email your quote to As always, PHA IT is happy to put together a Dell E-Quote that exactly meets your users needs. ​

Updated 11/16/2017