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 Mailing List Reference

List NameDescriptionAdministrator/Contact
pha-acs-scienceThe Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) Science and Engineering TeamHolland Ford
pha-adjunctAdjunct Faculty of the Department of Physics and AstronomyPam Carmen
pha-apo-usersApache Point Observatory NewsMary Beth Kaiser
pha-asst-res-sciAssistant Research Scientists of the Department of Physics and AstronomyPam Carmen
pha-bloombergAdministrators, Staff, Faculty, Researchers Postdocs, Students and Affiliates working in the Bloomberg CenterNorma Berry, Jon Schroeder
pha-casCenter for Astrophysical Sciences;
All Astrophysical Science Affiliates of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Steve McCandliss
pha-cdg-allCosmology Discovery Group;
Particle Physicists and Astrophysicists from the Particle Theory Group and the Center for Astrophysical Sciences
Marc Kamionkowski
pha-cleanroomUsers of the Condensed Matter CleanroomDan Reich
pha-cmAll Condensed Matter Research AffiliatesTom Rhatigan
pha-cm-facultyCondensed Matter Faculty MembersTom Rhatigan
pha-cm-gradsCondensed Matter Graduate Students Tom Rhatigan
pha-cm-postdocsCondensed Matter Postdoctoral FellowsTom Rhatigan
phacommteamPhysics and Astronomy Communications AssistanceJon Schroeder
pha-cosmojoJHU Cosmology Journal ClubMark Neyrinck
pha-facultyFaculty Members of the Department of Physics and AstronomyPam Carmen
pha-fmpAll admin/staff users of FileMaker ProJon Schroeder
pha-guestsNon Physics and Astronomy Members who attend our seminarsPam Carmen
pha-HeHigh Energy Physics Mailing ListDavid Fehling
pha-HegradsHigh Energy Physics Grad StudentsDavid Fehling
pha-majorsAll Undergraduate Physics MajorsKelley Key
pha-managersGrants & Contracts Managers and Administrative Manager of Physics & AstronomyNorma Berry, Catherine Cesare
pha-pfsSubaru Prime Focus Spectrograph Project TeamChuck Bennett
pha-piPrincipal Investigators & Grants Admin Staff Catherine Cesare
pha-postdocsPostdoctoral Staff of the Department of Physics and AstronomyPam Carmen
pha-printPrinter Support in the Bloomberg CenterWanda Carter
pha-rsaGrants & Contracts Analysts, Grants & Contracts Managers and Administrative ManagerCatherine Cesare
pha-scientistsResearch Scientists of the Department of Physics and AstronomyPam Carmen
pha-staffPhysics and Astronomy Non-Appointed Staff MembersNorma Berry
pha-studentsGraduate students of the Department of Physics and AstronomyKelley Key
pha-TALKSInformation on Departmental Events and Colloquia; sent to Pha-Bloomberg + Pha-GuestsPam Carmen
Dibbs-devData Infrastructure Building Blocks Mike Rippin
ds-proposalsData-Scope proposalsRandal Burns
ds-usersData-Scope UsersJohn Pliam, Lance Joseph, Jan Vandenberg
EsciencegroupSzalay Group Mailing List, 3rd Floor WingAni Thakar, John Pliam
Gplc-usersGraphics Processing Lab Cluster
Hep-exExperimental Particle Physics GroupCindy Franz
hhpc-piHomewood High Performance Computer Cluster Principle Investigators
hhpc-usersHomewood High Performance Computer Cluster Users
IDIES-membersThis is a list used to disseminate information to internal members of IDIES.Lenalee Fulton
IDIES-InfoThis is a list used to disseminate IDIES information to Non-IDIES JHU affiliates.Caroline Swartz
IDIES-AnnouncementsThis list is used to distribute information to both internal and external IDIES affiliates, inside and outside of JHU. Members from both IDIES-Members and IDIES-Info will automatically be populated on IDIES-Announcements.Caroline Swartz
IqmInstitute for Quantum Matter MembersCollin Broholm
PIPERThe Primordial Inflation Polarization Exploration Collaboration Mailing ListJustin Lazear
psbss-phaPhysical Sciences Bloomberg Student Shop UsersToby Marriage
Sdss-casdevSloan Digital Sky Survery Catalog Archive Server (CAS) Support ListAni Thakar
Sdss-everybodySloan Digital Sky Survey MembersAni Thakar
SPSSociety of Physics Students MembersVittorio Loprinzo
TdgTurbulence Database Group MembersGreg Eyink, John Pliam, Randal Burns
TheoreticalparticleParticle Theory GroupCindy Franz
TheoreticalparticlegradParticle Theory Group Graduate StudentsCindy Franz
TheoreticalparticlepostdParticle Theory Group Postdoctoral FellowsCindy Franz
TheoreticalparticleprofParticle Theory Group ProfessorsCindy Franz