Printing, Scanning & Faxing

Printer Driver Software

Download Canon iR-Adv C5560i Printer Driver (one on every floor)

Download Canon iR-Adv 6575i Printer Driver (mail room black and white printer)

Instructions for installing a printer driver:

The fully qualified name for your printer is

For example, if you use FIRSTLP then the full name would be

If you are connecting via wireless, make sure to be on the Hopkins wireless network.

Windows 7, 8, & 10 We recommend the most current PCL driver but UFR will work as well Instructions (PDF)
Macintosh Instructions (PDF)
Linux Instructions (PDF)

Department Poster Printer

The Department now has a 42” wide poster printer. For Physics and Astronomy related Scientific and Research Posters there will be no charge. For personal prints the price is $50. Academic Posters for other disciplines are not free.

If you would like a poster printed, you can e-mail a PDF or a PPT of your poster. You should include the size you want it printed and if you want me to do any re-sizing. We are able to adjust the margins/boarders larger and even to eliminate them if you want printing to be right up to the edge of the poster. The poster printer has a vertical trimmer, which means that if both sides of the poster are smaller than 42” it will trim it to size.

If the size you request is super huge, we will confirm with you that is what you want. A 42” X 60” poster might be okay for a landscape poster, but a portrait orientation poster is going to be huge. You should confirm that the poster size specs you receive are for the correct orientation. Currently the paper we have is HP Premium Glossy Photo paper. We may have a matte option in the future (let me know if this is something you would want us to have.)

Please double check that your poster is correct before sending it on. Please try to avoid “My advisor looked at it and wants to make some changes…”

There is the possibility for quick turnaround time on poster printing during working hours (M-F 9-3p.) However for guaranteed poster printing you should give us 24 hours, especially if you know that many of your colleagues will be printing posters for an upcoming conference. If you know that you are going to try and do a last minute rush print, you should email the above address at least a day in advance and let us know that you are hoping to have a poster printed quickly and when you expect to have it ready. That way we can make sure we are ready, or to let you know that it is not possible. No poster printing will be done outside of normal working hours.

Completed posters can be picked up in the mailroom once you have received an e-mail telling you they are done.

Updated 10/11/2019