Software that Krieger School of Arts and Sciences has licenses for. (Free to you in most cases.)
  • Office 365 can be installed via the portal under the ‘Technology’ button. Then click ‘Install Office Apps.’
  • Johns Hopkins Software Catalog (University Licensing)
    • Includes:
      • Microsoft Windows
        • Network License
        • Work at Home License
      • MatLab
      • Mathematica
      • And many other software packages available for reduced rates.
  • Antivirus Software
  • Front Door (Loss, Recovery, and Personal Safety software. Protect your phone and laptop.)
  • OnTheHub (Personal Software Licensing for Non-University Owned Systems)
    • Includes:
      • Microsoft Windows (free for students via OnTheHub)
      • And many others! Click the link!
  • Krieger School Licenses – Please contact
Updated 10/8/2018