Weaving Lives: Documenting Inequalities in the Global World

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The Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS) at Johns Hopkins University is pleased to invite you to the documentary film series, Weaving Lives: Documenting Inequalities in the Global World.

With this series PLAS wants to foster a discussion on the extent to which the globalization of political and economic forms has rendered violence, poverty and discrimination more ubiquitous and widespread than ever before.

The documentaries presented show how race, class, gender, age and, with the influx of immigration, nationality, often prove to be the common features that define the “worth” of people and repeatedly exist as the base of prejudice beliefs. Yet they also show the creative ways in which people make sense of their lives under the highly disadvantageous circumstances they live in.

The film directors will participate for Q&A after the screenings and in the closing round table when they will discuss the role of documentary films in fostering social change. Keynote address by Professor Saskia Sassen will open the event.

Films will be shown at The Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus from April 8–10, 2010 (at The Muller Building at 3700 San Martin Dr. and Mergenthaler Hall, 3400 N. Charles Street). We have enclosed the program brochure. Please feel free to share it with all those who may be interested.

We really appreciate your help in spreading the news.

We hope that you will join us!

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