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Conference: Latin America in the Liberal International Order

November 15, 2019

This conference will ask: What can we learn about the LIO and asymmetries of power by studying the Latin American experiences with the order? What role have Latin American actors played in theorizing, implementing, and criticizing the shape of the Liberal International Order? How has Latin American contention—rather than the region’s presumed acquiescence—changed the nature of the norms and practices that constitute the LIO? What does the Latin American experience tell us about both the temporality and the spatiality of the Liberal International Order? What do historical and present deviations from the norms of the LIO—such as economic nationalism, military dictatorships, or persistent violence—tell us about the concept and its application not only in Latin America, but perhaps more importantly, in the historical core of the LIO?
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Co-sponsored with the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies, American University

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November 15, 2019
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