Latin America in a Fracturing World Podcast

The Latin America in a Fracturing World podcast is the collective work of a course of the same name, dedicated to examining the multiple and overlapping crises afflicting Latin America today through an ethnographic lens.

Each episode features student-lead conversations with authors of recent work on the region’s most pressing issues, exploring the contours of knowledge production itself under conditions of precarity and violence.

Discussions include histories of extractivism, the retrenchment of borders, migration crises, the state management of life and death, the politics of labor, social marginalization, and racial and gender inequalities. 

Invited Authors:

  • Bret Gustafson, Associate Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis: Bolivia in the Age of Gas
  • Ieva Jusionyte, Watson Family Associate Professor of International Security and Anthropology, Brown University: Threshold: Emergency Responders on the US-Mexico Border
  • Sebastián Ramirez, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Global Health Program, Princeton University: Madres TERRA
  • Kathleen Millar, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Simon Fraser University: Reclaiming the Discarded: Life and Labor on Rio’s Garbage Dump