How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions about the Admission Process

What does the Admissions Committee look for in an application?

The Admissions Committee understands the challenge for applicants to express their unique personalities and paths towards medicine in an application form. We value each applicant’s personal story, and so we have adopted a holistic review process. When the Committee reviews an application, we are looking for clear illustration of how that applicant has shown commitment to medicine, demonstrated academic success, and provided service to others. We also value characteristics that show fit for a career in medicine; we seek students who are independently motivated learners, reflective thinkers, strong communicators, dependable team members and empathetic listeners. Each admissions cycle is a bit different as the Committee tries to form diverse cohorts of students who each bring unique experiences to the program.

As an applicant, how should I approach the admissions process?

We do not have an ideal applicant in mind that we are expecting you to conform to. The goal of the application is to get to know you. We value your uniqueness and encourage you to focus on cultivating your own story as you prepare your application.

We encourage applicants to reflect on the following questions:

  • In my previous academic work (in any field), how have I approached rigorous coursework and shown a commitment to mastery of a content? Are my intellectual abilities clear in my academic record?
  • What skills have I developed through my academic experiences that can be applied to science coursework? As we do not expect candidates to have previous science coursework, this may include qualities such as critical thinking, communication skills, resilience, dependability etc…
  • What have I learned about the work of physicians? Why is a career in medicine a good fit for me? Do I have enough medically-relevant experience to justify this perspective?
  • How have I served my community through my previous experiences?
  • When working in teams (in academics, extracurricular activities, work experiences), how have I contributed to the effectiveness of that team?
  • How have my experiences led me on a path to medicine? Career changer students often worry needlessly because their path is not “linear”. Instead, consider how your path to medicine can be a strength and help you bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the study of medicine.

Self-reflection is an essential component of our program. Considering these questions can help an applicant better articulate their strengths to the admissions committee and also prepare for the reflective process that will continue throughout the program.

When can I complete the application?

The application to begin the program in 2022 will open on Monday, September 13th, 2021.  Please check back for updates and announcements.

Where can I find the application?

To see required materials and apply, visit the Apply Now page.

Currently, we do not use PostBacCAS, the centralized application service for post-bac premedical programs. Our own, independent application is the best way for us to get to know our applicants in a way that is true to our values. Since applying separately to our program may require some additional steps, we have reduced the application fee to $60 and are accepting unofficial college transcripts for the initial review stage. Official transcripts are required at the time of the interview for applicants who are invited to interview.

Does the program offer application fee waivers?

Our program’s policy is to offer application fee waivers only to current or recent service volunteers in organizations such as Peace Corps, Teach for America or AmeriCorps. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer fee waivers otherwise.

How will I know what application items have been received?

Once an applicant completes and submits the online application, they will have access to the application portal. On the portal, applicants can view their supplemental materials checklist to see what has been received. Items received prior to a submitted application are held but are not posted to the portal until the application is submitted.  Please allow up to two weeks for our office to update the application portal after receipt of materials. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all supporting credentials are received. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

How will I know if my application is complete?  What happens next?

Once all supplemental materials are received and your application is complete, we will notify you by email.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis in the order in which they become complete. Early receipt of your completed application will help us to provide you with a decision sooner. The review process generally takes between two and four weeks.

Completed applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee with three possible outcomes: interview, hold, or not accepted. Applicants will be notified by email about the Committee’s decision. A hold decision means that the Committee was not able to make a decision at that time and will re-review the application at a future Committee meeting.

What is the process if I am invited to interview?

Due to public health and safety surrounding the pandemic, and travel restrictions between US states, we will conduct interviews for the current application cycle via video, using the Zoom platform.

In lieu of an in-person experience, we have “virtual campus tours” and the opportunity to connect with a current student. The video interview consists of a one-on-one meeting with an advisor for the program with the opportunity to discuss the student’s individual course plan.

After the interview, the Admissions Committee will meet to review each candidate. Decisions will be made to accept, hold, waitlist or not accept the candidate. Applicants will be notified of the decision in an email; applicants who are put on hold will be re-reviewed at regular admissions committee meetings.

What is the process if I am accepted to the program?

Applicants who are accepted to the program will be notified by email. The acceptance letter will include a response date by which the student must notify the program if they plan to attend. We require a response date because we are holding a seat for you in our community. Please be considerate of your colleagues applying for the program and notify us immediately of any change in plans. A $500 deposit is required from accepted applicants who plan to enroll.