What if I majored in a science discipline (biology, chemistry, etc.) but did not do well in my coursework? Am I eligible for this program?

The Johns Hopkins Post-baccalaureate Premedical Program is intended for individuals who have not taken many science courses. The general rule is that if you have taken more than half of the science requirements for medical school, you are not eligible for the program.  If you are seeking an academic record-enhancer program, please visit the AAMC database of post-bac programs to see other program options.

What courses would I take in the post-bac program?

The courses you take depends on your prior science coursework. An individual course of study will be planned and discussed with you in detail during the interview.

When can I start the program?

Accepted students may start the program in Summer Term I, Summer Term II, or Fall Term. (Spring entry is not possible.) Students may choose the most advantageous start based on their personal needs and goals. Most students begin in Summer Term I. Be aware that your start date will affect when you finish the program, which may also impact your application cycle for medical school and possibly linkage. Start date and timeline considerations are discussed during the interview.  It is possible to adjust start dates after being accepted to the program, and start date is not considered in the admissions process.

How do students prepare for the MCAT?

MCAT preparation is part of the post-bac program. Students enroll in a self-paced course that accommodates individual timelines and backgrounds. Additional tuition is not charged.

What is your students’ success rate in gaining entry to medical school?

As of 2021, an extraordinary 99.7% of our graduates have been accepted to medical schools, 96.3% of which were accepted in their first application cycle following the program.  This is almost 2.4 times the national average, an impressive feat that is entirely due to the hard work of the impressive students we are lucky to support!

Why should I consider the Hopkins post-bac program over others?

There are several elements that make our program stand out. Johns Hopkins is known for its science education, and the courses you take will prepare you extremely well for the demands of medical school.

In addition, having a small group of peers set amidst the many resources and opportunities within the wider institution, at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, make this program unique.

Our course created specifically for post-bac students, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, synthesizes your science coursework with practical applications and prepares you for medical school. And the medical tutorials offer students exceptional clinical and research experiences with faculty from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

How hard is it to gain admittance to the post-bac program?

The admissions process is selective; fewer than 20% of our applicants are admitted. We are looking for applicants who have demonstrated their motivation for medicine as well as academic success.

Do you consider applicants who wish to go to veterinary or dental school?

Our program is aimed solely for those wishing to go to medical school. We do not accept applicants whose aim is to enroll in veterinary or other health programs.

Can I repeat science courses I have taken elsewhere?

Generally not, unless at least five years have elapsed since you enrolled in those courses.

How many students enroll in the program each year?

Typically, a small group of 25–30 students enrolls in the post-bac program.