Alice Chapman

Photo of Alice Chapman

Current Job: Tulane University School of Medicine '15, OB/GYN Resident, University of Maryland Medical Center

“I was looking for a program in which I could complete my premed studies in a condensed fashion, but more specifically, within a supportive atmosphere and with good guidance. Hopkins stood out as a  program with excellent statistics for getting students into medical school, but it wasn’t until my interview that I realized how welcoming and community oriented the program was. I immediately felt at home and comfortable with the students that I met and the administrators I interacted with. Additionally, I was excited by the tutorial program that offers students the opportunity to shadow physicians or work on research throughout their post-bac year. No other program that I was considering offered the same number and variety of opportunities to interact with medical professionals and patients during the post-bac year.

“In addition to the great friends that I made, my tutorial was the most memorable and enjoyable aspect of the program for me. I shadowed a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Hopkins and was able to observe in her clinic and on the labor and delivery ward. Going once a week to my tutorial, interacting with patients and learning from a physician mentor, reminded me of my end goal and kept me inspired even during difficult times in the year. I gained experiences that many medical students might not have until their second or third year—interviewing patients, observing births and surgeries, and learning one-on-one from an attending physician. Since beginning medical school, I have realized even more how unique that opportunity was, and how lucky I was to experience it during my post-bac year.”

Alice Chapman graduated from Fordham University Lincoln Center where she studied dance and French language and literature. After graduation, she danced professionally in New York City and worked in arts administration. Alice also taught yoga and volunteered at the physical therapy and burn centers at NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center.