Why Hopkins?

Our program is designed to help you achieve your dream of a career in medicine. We are partners with our students and celebrate their successes. Below are some of the reasons post-bac students choose Johns Hopkins:

  • Results: unparalleled acceptance rate to leading medical schools
  • Expert individualized advising from entry into the program through the medical school admissions process
  • Recognition by medical schools of the excellence and rigor of the Hopkins science curriculum
  • Small, supportive, and close-knit community of outstanding, like-minded peers
  • Clinical and research experiences with faculty from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Thorough preparation for both the MCAT and medical school
  • Linkage opportunities for accelerated enrollment at some of the nation’s best medical schools
  • Events, workshops, and programs tailored to the needs and interests of post-bac premed students
  • Our commitment to each student’s success
  • Program completion within 9-14 months

Johns Hopkins University

Founded in 1876, Hopkins was the first modern research university in the United States, emphasizing research and the advancement of knowledge for its students and the world. The institution’s namesake and initial benefactor, Baltimore merchant Johns Hopkins, helped to establish both the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital with a $7 million endowment, the largest at the time.

Previously adopted accounts portray Johns Hopkins as an early abolitionist whose father had freed the family’s enslaved people in the early 1800s, but recently discovered records offer strong evidence that Johns Hopkins held enslaved people in his home until at least the mid-1800s. More information about the university’s investigation of this history is available at the Hopkins Retrospective website.

In the decades since their establishment, the university and hospital have consistently held themselves to high standards, and today both are considered among the finest in the country.

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