Public Health Studies Majors Shine in Independent Research

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Newly graduated seniors, Ahmed Alsayyad and Katrina Rios, are conducting exciting research in the Public Health Field!

Ahmed Elsayyad, a public health studies major minoring in philosophy and bioethics, is investigating the ethical implications of an alternative way to get consent for human subject research. Typically, patients need to opt-in or sign a release if they participate in research. Elsayyad is proposing an opt-out system, where patients are automatically enrolled for their data to be used unless they specify otherwise. Learn more about his study here.

Public health studies major Katrina Rios is conducting a pilot study on mental health improvements through activity-based learning in dialysis patients. Dialysis is a long-term treatment option that can have a negative impact on physical, mental, and emotional health. Rios created individualized, patient-centered intervention during dialyzing time to promote positive mental health and social engagement within and across dialysis units. Learn more about Katrina’s research here.