First Term Course at JHSPH: Issues in Urban Policy

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Are you interested in the future of cities? Then sign up for the fall 1st term Bloomberg course “Issues in Urban Policy,” with Professor Sandra Newman.

The course will survey key urban policy challenges and opportunities facing American cities. Course topics include a critical analysis of “the urban crisis,” the continuing viability of cities in the context of current economic and demographic dynamics, fiscal stress, governance, economic development, poverty and race, homelessness, federal urban policy, and survival strategies for declining cities.  Prominent voices in the health field (e.g., Institute of Medicine) and in urban studies (e.g., the Urban Affairs Association) acknowledge that as cities become “the dominant context for human life,” it is increasingly important to understand their role in health outcomes.

Course number: 318.636

Time: Monday, 1:30pm – 4:20pm

Questions? Contact Professor Newman at [email protected]

Auditors welcome!