Arielle Kaden

Year: 2016
Affiliations: Writing Seminars, Jewish Studies
Award: Homepage

Project Description

Building a Jewish Future: The Resurgence of Jewish Life in Europe, Post World War II

For this project, I aimed to understand how Jewish communities in Europe have rebuilt since the Holocaust. I sought to gain a deeper understanding of the differences between Europe’s various Jewish communities and to understand what Jewish life in Europe is like today. To do this, I conducted a cross-city analysis where I traveled to Warsaw, Krakow, Berlin, and Paris to interview different members of each city’s Jewish population. From this, I began to understand the differences between the various Jewish communities of Europe, noting their differentiating histories and understanding how shifts in their countries’ present day political, social, and religious dialogues will affect these Jewish communities’ futures. I am currently writing a memoir about my research experience and findings.

Mentor: Dr. Eric Sundquist, Department of English


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