Jesse Chen

Year: 2016
Affiliations: Writing Seminars, Museums and Society
Award: Homepage

Project Description

Looking for Asian America: A Sociological Study of Contemporary Asian-American Identity

Who identifies as Asian American and what does that identity mean to them? How do the experiences of someone in Hawaii differ from those of someone in Colorado? What drives someone to study Asian American and Pacific Islander issues or to become an activist in the AAPI community? As an AAPI activist, artist, and student interested in the history and issues of my community, I wanted to examine what it means to be an Asian American in today’s America and how that identity differs across the country. With the mentorship of my advisor, I created a sociological study looking at these questions. I spent a summer traveling across the country to interview over sixty Asian American scholars, activists, artists, and community members about what it means to them to be Asian American. I filmed each interview, and have since edited the footage into a documentary called Looking for Asian America, which examines what it means to be Asian American today.

Mentor: Dr. Katrina Bell McDonald, Department of Sociology


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