Ji Hyun Yang

Year: 2016
Affiliations: Cognitive Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Award: Woodrow Wilson

Project Description

Stress, Rumination, Mindfulness, and Depression in Over-Aged, Under-Credited Urban Youth

The aim of the project was to examine stressors from multiple domains, stress coping responses, and depressive symptoms in a low-income, urban minority youth sample. Current literature on youth stress coping and mental health has demonstrated that how adolescents cope with stress is related with depressive symptoms (i.e., rumination and mindfulness). However, most research has examined middle-class, Caucasian samples that there is a skewed demographic representation in the findings. The current study expands the knowledge of the relation between stress response and depressive symptoms to minority youth in low-income, urban environments. Particularly, high school students with fewer than the expected academic credits for their age were recruited. The study examined associations between stressors from multiple domains, rumination, mindfulness, and depressive symptoms. Further, the moderating effects of rumination and mindfulness on the associations between stressors and depressive symptoms were examined.

Dr. Alison Papadakis, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

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