Kit Shaun Tommy Koh

Year: 2015
Affiliations: Political Science, Sociology, Social Policy
Award: DURA

Project Description

Singapore’s Golden Jubilee: SG50 and Evolving Structures of Political Legitimation

Singapore prepares to celebrate its Golden Jubilee with the SG50 campaign amid strong undercurrents of socio-political dissent. Prompted by SG50, a broader conversation about national values and the reemphasizing of past successes may represent a possible tool for the government to reinforce its legitimacy. In a country some call “campaign city”, could the SG50 celebration be merely an effort at political legitimation by a ruling party that has been in power since independence? Recognizing SG50 as a political milestone, this project asks: What is the current state of Singapore’s political legitimacy? What can SG50’s role be?

Mentor: Dr. Bentley Allan

Mr. Koh’s essay on his research is pending publication.