Mark Sowers

Year: 2015
Affiliations: Chemistry
Award: DURA

Project Description

Experimental and Computational Characterization of Novel SH3 Domain Proteins Designed Using Ensemble Information

SH3 domain containing proteins, such as the Ras oncogene product, have demonstrated importance in molecular signaling and cancer progression. To better understand its biological role, five completely new SH3 domain-like proteins have been engineered in this laboratory using a novel design algorithm. The algorithm models the SH3 domain’s thermodynamic ensemble, and fundamentally differs from state-of-the-art methods that rely on amino acid or structure similarity. Thus, this new technology may represent a breakthrough development for protein engineering. The proposed project will experimentally and computationally assess if the designs were successful. A scientific journal publication is the expected outcome of the project.

Mentor: Dr. Vincent Hilser, Department of Biology


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