Miceile Barrett

Year: 2016
Affiliations: Mathematics
Award: Woodrow Wilson

Project Description

Project #1: Global Public Health Impact of Recovered Supplies from Operating Rooms: A Critical Analysis With National Implications

Synopsis: Surgical diseases represent 11% of the global disease burden but remain an unmet need in developing countries. This research sought to determine the national potential for recoverable supplies and the global health impact of these supplies when donated. We established the program Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE) to donate clean and unused medical supplies to resource-poor hospitals. Approximately 1.9 million lbs (861,961 kg) per year of medical supplies are recoverable from large non-rural US academic medical centers. Of these supplies, 19 common categories represent a potential for donation worth US $15 million per year, at a cost-utility of US $2.14 per DALY averted.

Project #2: Critical Assessment of Immediate Breast Reconstruction Procedures: Analysis of 10,958 Patients From the ACS-NESQIP Database

Synopsis: Post-mastectomy reconstruction is integral in breast cancer management. This research evaluated 30-day postoperative-morbidity of the most common immediate breast reconstruction procedures. Immediate breast reconstruction renders excellent aesthetic results, less psychosocial morbidity and higher satisfaction when compared to mastectomy alone; however, a quantitative comparison of procedure-specific morbidity is needed to guide clinical decision making. This large study uses prospectively collected data to estimate morbidity rates after 3 different immediate breast reconstruction procedures. Our findings recommend proactive identification of any factors that might decrease the use and number of perioperative transfusions in the autologous breast reconstruction candidate.

Mentor: Dr. Richard Reditt and Dr. Bill Smedick, Department of Leadership and Education

Barrett, Miceile Final Paper

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