Nicole Michelson

Year: 2015
Affiliations: Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience
Award: DURA

Project Description

Subsequent Effects of Maternal Subjective Social Status on Children’s Cognitive Outcomes

As I have shown with my previous research, subjective social status (SSS) is a predictor of maternal mental well-being. The implications of this relationship are of considerable interest to pediatric health, given that children whose mothers experience mental health conditions are at greater risk for psychopathology. However, it is unclear whether the risk factors stem primarily from environmental factors, genetic predisposition, or maternal mental health. Toward this end, I will explore the relationship between maternal SSS, maternal mental health, parent-reported sources of stress and adversity, and child cognitive outcomes, using data collected from parent surveys and pediatric cognitive assessments.

Mentor: Dr. Sara Johnson, Ph.D., M.P.H.