Silin Chen

Year: 2016
Affiliations: History of Art
Award: Woodrow Wilson

Project Description

Twentieth-Century Travels of Chinese Treasures: Art Exhibitions and Cultural Exchange

International art exhibitions display a lot more than works of art – they reflect the sociopolitical conditions of both the home country and the host country at a particular historical moment. This research investigates the three largest exhibitions of Chinese art in the Western world, aiming to illustrate how politics and art interact before World War II, during the Cold War and in the late 20th century. It also traces the development of academic and curatorial interests in Chinese art. This project consisted of investigating primary and secondary sources, visiting museums and interviewing scholars and museum practitioners in Beijing, Taipei, Oxford, New York and Washington D.C. Primary sources include exhibition catalogues, symposium publications, diaries and historical newspapers and photographs.

Mentor:Dr. Rebecca M. Brown, Department of History of Art, Program in Museums & Society

Chen, Silin Final Paper


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