Congratulations Singleton Center Paper Prize Winners

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2014 winner Will Brown for his paper, “Becoming bons marins sur terre: State Knowledge, Self-Fashioning, and the Arnoul Family’s Turn to the Sea, 1665-1726.”

2013 winner Yonatan Glazer-Eytan for the paper, “A Contested Presence: Portuguese New Christians in the Spain of Philip IV, 1621-1632.”

2012 winners Jonathan Greenwood for the paper, “The Use and Abuse of Hagiography for Early Modern Life: Pedro de Ribadeneyra and his Flos sanctorum,” and Justin Rivest for, “Trials of an Extraordinary Empiric: The Career of Jean Thibault, Astrologer Physician 1529-1545.”

2011 winners Alexandra Letvin for the paper, “Contemplative Ascent and the Limitations of Vision in the Omne Bonum,” and Nathan Daniels for the paper, “From Jongleur to Minstrel: The Professionalization of Secular Musicians in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Paris.”