Meet the Academy’s Inaugural Class

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The Academy at Johns Hopkins is up and running with its inaugural class of six retired professors from five different departments. The group meets once a month for a working lunch to discuss research projects and plan for lectures and a symposium.

Dr. Richard Henry of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is currently serving a two-year term as chair. “I love these lunches with faculty from other departments,” he says, explaining that there was really no mechanism for meeting with so many different minds from other departments during the decades he taught at Johns Hopkins.

Each member will present a colloquium in his or her field, and plans are in the works for a symposium on Africa presented by the entire group in the fall of 2013. The theme will be “Current and historical perspectives on the crisis in the Sahel.”

Photo, L to R: Joseph Cooper (political science), Richard Conn Henry (physics and astronomy), Sara Berry (history), Melvin Kohn (sociology), Ludwig Brand (biology), and Paul Feldman (physics and astronomy).