The Academy at Johns Hopkins, Homewood Campus is an institute for advanced study whose purpose is to foster the continued scholarship and research of retired faculty of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS) and other Homewood schools. We regard the faculty within the Academy as a rich source of knowledge and experience and a vital element of the University’s intellectual community.

Retired faculty is one of Johns Hopkins greatest assets. The entire university community benefits from their involvement on campus, both with each other and with current faculty and students. Many retired faculty choose to remain actively engaged in their scholarship after they retire, and they prefer to pursue their scholarly activities within the context of the University community. Others wish to stay involved by attending lectures, contributing to and following new developments in fields of interest. The mission of The Academy is to enhance the voluntary participation of retired faculty in the intellectual life of the university.

Scholarly activity of The Academy includes research opportunities and benefits, valedictory lectures given by new Academy members, and regular themed seminars organized by Academy professors. The Academy occupies the Greenhouse on the Homewood campus.