P. Kyle McCarter, Jr.

P. Kyle McCarter, Jr.

Academy Professor and William Foxwell Albright Professor Emeritus in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

PhD, Harvard University


P. Kyle McCarter, Jr. is a leading expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the origin of the alphabet. His most recent work is on the Tel Zayit inscription. McCarter and his co-editor Ron Tappy were awarded the 2009 Frank Moore Cross Award for the Most Substantial Book on Near Eastern Epigraphy from the American Schools of Oriental Research for their book Literature Culture and Tenth-Century Canaan: The Tel Zayit Abecedary in Context (Eisenbrauns, 2008).

He is also former director of the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program at Johns Hopkins.

McCarter is the author of Ancient Inscriptions: Voices From the Biblical World (Biblical Archaeology Society, 1996); co-author of The Dead Sea Scrolls after Forty Years (Biblical Archaeology Society, 1991); Textual Criticism: Recovering the Text of the Hebrew Bible (Fortress, 1986); 1 and 2 Samuel for the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary series (Doubleday, 1981 & 1984); and The Antiquity of the Greek Alphabet and Early Phoenician Scripts(Harvard Semitic Museum, 1975).