Sharon Kingsland

Sharon Kingsland

Academy Professor

PhD, 1981, University of Toronto

Sharon Kingsland received her PhD in 1981 from the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto. She has been at Johns Hopkins since then. She is co-editor with Mott Greene of the Johns Hopkins Introductory Series in History of Science, and is associate editor for the Springer series Archimedes: New Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. She chairs the Historical Records Committee of the Ecological Society of America.  Her research ranges across many topics in the history of modern life sciences, with emphasis on the history of ecological science.    

My current research project is on the history of ecology and environmental problems in the immediate postwar period, both in the U.S. and internationally. My focus in this project is on physiological ecology and the relationship between ecology and agriculture, the design of new laboratories for environmental sciences, analysis of emerging environmental problems such as photochemical smog, and the relationship of environmental to molecular sciences. 

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