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All current members of the tenured faculty of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences who are eligible to retire from Johns Hopkins University (i.e., are age 55 and have 10 or more years of service or have 30 years of service regardless of age) are eligible for appointment to the Academy. Additional criteria for appointment include an intention to participate in the activities of the Academy and a plan to continue a research program or pursue a research or scholarly interest.

Please fill out the Academy Enrollment Form and email it to, or fill out, print, and deliver it to the Dean’s Office on the sixth floor of the Wyman Park building.

Duration of Appointment

Appointment as academy professor is in perpetuity (or until death); payable benefits are maxed at 10 years.


A rotating chair of the Academy is chosen by its members and reports to the dean of the Krieger School. The chair’s term of rotation is two years.


The Academy is able to host up to four retired visiting scholars from other universities, who will be given office space on campus, most likely in the Greenhouse, and who will be the centerpiece of thematic seminars. These appointments are expected to be for one year, as they are at other institutes for advanced study, though in exceptional circumstances detailed by the Academy’s leadership, this might be extended for a second year. They carry no salary, but visiting professors are provided with a faculty research allowance. They might also be invited by department chairs to teach, but this is not required.