Mellon Foundation Humanities Collaboratory Graduate Fellowship

Accepting applications for 2022 Collaboratory Fellowship! Review of applications will begin immediately. Email Dean Natalie Strobach ( with your application materials. See our flyer for additional information.

The Mellon Foundation Humanities Collaboratory Graduate Fellowship provides $10,000 to doctoral graduate students at JHU for the opportunity to join in a teaching and research collaboration with Community Colleges that initiates students into undergraduate humanities research while providing them the advanced skills necessary to transition to a four-year university.

Three fellows will be selected to be faculty in our summer Humanities Collaboratory where they will lead instruction on humanities research methods and co-mentor students. Additionally, we will support students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These same fellows will then work closely with a group of approximately 35 students for 10 weeks in the summer of 2022, from June 1st to August 6th, to develop individualized research projects that will be presented both locally and at the annual Leadership Alliance National Symposium.

The structure of the Collaboratory will include daily focused workshops four days a week in the morning. In the afternoon, we will demystify the process of humanities research by developing their work in a high-tech environment, projecting everything from their actual searches to the process of composing a project. Each graduate student fellow will be responsible for leading one morning workshop and supporting four afternoon Collaboratory sessions each week.

See a past year’s Humanities Collaboratory schedule.

Application Information

Applicants must:

  • Be doctoral students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • Be in residence for spring and summer 2022
  • Be willing to model their own research practices live in front of the undergraduate scholars
  • Complete Culturally Responsible Teaching (CRT) training in May 2022

Fellowships may not be deferred.

How to Apply

To be considered for the Mellon Foundation Humanities Collaboratory Fellowship, complete and submit the online application. Applications open now! Submit your application via email to Dean Natalie Strobach at Review of applications begins immediately on a rolling basis.

You’ll need the following documents for the application:

  1. Letter of application (addressed to the Mellon Foundation Humanities Collaboratory Fellowship Committee) that articulates your interest in and/or experience with advocating for historically excluded students.
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Transcript (unofficial is accepted)
  4. Contact info for a faculty mentor who can provide a reference
  5. Contact info for your department or program chair who can confirm your eligibility


This is a ten-week commitment for $10,000 in compensation. The stipend is taxable income.

The fellows will need to work closely with the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Natalie Strobach who is the PI for the grant. There will also be spring planning meetings to prepare for the summer.

Videos from the Collaboratory

An Inside Look at the Humanities Collaboratory

Listen as students share the experiences, skills, and knowledge they’ve gained from the Humanities Collaboratory.

Humanities Collaboratory Student Presentations

At the end of the summer, students present the results of their 10-week research project to the community.