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Johns Hopkins University has moved to remote services for the remainder of the Spring semester and the Writing Center will be holding all appointments by phone until further notice. We will still be adhering to Eastern Standard time, so please account for any time differences when making and preparing for your appointment. 

Students can still make appointments via Starfish or by e-mailing us at To prepare for a phone consultation, you will need to send in a Word attachment of your assignment any time before the start of your appointment along with a phone number where you can be reached. NOTE: we are asking that students keep their documents to a maximum of 8 pages double-spaced for phone appointments.

To make this experience as effective as possible, please provide any useful information regarding the assignment and write down 1-3 issues you would like to work on. You can provide the latter in your Starfish appointment description, the document, itself and/or in the e-mail.

One of our tutors will open and read your document at the start of the appointment (e.g., at 5 pm EST). You should not expect to hear from them for around 20 minutes as they read the document. The consultation will not begin until the tutor sends you a copy of the document with some of their comments. Please read the endnote (the last comment) as you wait for them to call you. 

If you are calling from an international location/number, we ask that you use Whatsapp or Skype phone to make the call, which will help everybody avoid large phone bills. You must confirm with the tutor that they have Whatsapp capability on their phone .

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us. 

Stay safe and be well!