Prepare for Your Appointment

Before Your Appointment

If you have an in-person appointment, please bring a printed copy of your draft with you to Gilman 230.

To prepare for an online appointment, click on your appointment in WCOnline and then click on the link to start your online appointment. You can then discuss with your tutor how you will share your document. WCOnline provides a whiteboard space for this purpose or you may choose to share your text via a google doc.

You can visit the “How Appointments Work” tab for more detailed instructions about Zoom and phone appointments.

What Else You Should Bring

In addition to your draft, please bring the assignment sheet or prompt for your assignment and any guidelines that you think your tutor ought to be aware of. You are also welcome to bring notes, pre-draft exercises, prior drafts, or comments from your instructor if you think they will help your tutor to better understand the assignment, your approach, your writing style and needs, and so on.

Trite as it may sound, an open mind is the most important thing you can bring to your appointment. Plan to take notes!