Global Social Change and Development

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The Global Social Change and Development (GSCD) Program is geared towards students interested in gaining a critical understanding of urgent issues related to globalization and international development. GSCD provides students with a sophisticated set of research and critical-thinking skills, prepares students for twenty-first century professions and helps them to become thoughtful global citizens. Ultimately, students pursuing the Global Social Change and Development program will receive a double major in both International Studies and Sociology.

Key themes addressed in the program include:

  • Global inequality and development
  • Shifts in the global distribution of  wealth and power and their implications for structures and norms of global governance
  • Urbanization, migration and development
  • Land, labor and environmental rights and struggles
  • The crisis of welfare states and the rise of a politics of austerity
  • The degree to which we as individuals and groups can influence global social change

Global Social Change and Development allows students to pursue a focused course of study while still benefiting from the interdisciplinary education provided by the International Studies major, which draws on the strengths of the Johns Hopkins University faculty in diverse fields including Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, Foreign Languages and Anthropology.

The program  provides interested undergraduate students with a pathway into the Research Working Groups of the Arrighi Center for Global Studies by teaching the methodological and theoretical tools necessary to effectively collaborate with faculty and graduate students in Research Working Groups.  Students who are interested in participating in Arrighi Center Research Working Groups should consult with their faculty advisor about how to prepare themselves.

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